About me

Hello I'm Keith McIlwain

I'm a boat builder and furniture maker based in Bristol UK. My working life commenced as a sailmaker working in lofts in Essex and Suffolk. Following a career in sales and marketing I returned to the boating industry and re-trained as a Boat Builder. During my training at the Boat Building Academy I succesfully completed the following:

BBA Boat Building and Associated Skills - Distinction

C&G Level 3 in Marine Construction, Systems Engineering and Maintenance - Diploma

C&G Level 3 Construction and Repair of Hulls and Boat Structures - Distinction

C&G Level 3 Fibre Reinforced Plastics Technology for Marine Construction - Distinction

C&G Level 3 Principles of Boat Construction - Pass

C&G Level 3 Safe and Effectve Working in the Marine Industry - Pass

Click here to see the building of Daydream on the Boat Building Academy website